Dianabol Dosage

Dianabol is one of the most potent and powerful anabolic steroids on the market, one of the oldest too and its popularity never seems to wane. Used only for the purpose of performance enhancement; in-fact, that’s why it was designed. Of course, it has a potential strong therapeutic purpose revolving around androgen replacement; a mere 10mg Dianabol dosage is enough for strong androgen replacement therapy but there are very few doctors who’ve ever grabbed hold of it. As this is the case, when it comes to a Dianabol dosage, most are concerned with performance, and as that is the case, it will be our focus today.

For performance purposes, a Dianabol dosage of 20mg per day is generally the bottom end of performance enhancement; by bottom end, we simply mean the lowest dose for a performance benefit. 20mg per day will see all the benefits of this steroid shine through, and it is a perfect dosing for a first time anabolic steroid user or for a first Dianabol supplementation experience. As with any anabolic steroid, when you first start out you’ll want to keep the dosing of a particular steroid a little on the low side to see how well your body responds. While 20mg is an excellent starting point, any choose to start with 30mg per day, and this is a fine Dianabol dosage for any man.


Many men will never have a need to exceed their Dianabol dosage past the 30mg mark; this will provide results each and every time regardless of how many years you have in the saddle; of course, some will want more. In most cases, 50mg per day is the highest Dianabol dosage we can safely recommend for extremely experienced anabolic steroid users, and he must be one who has supplemented with this steroid before with only a positive response. He must understand how to combat and control this steroid’s strong aromatizing nature, and he must be will to keep a close eye on his blood pressure. Beyond the 50mg mark, this is where side-effects can become a real issue; you will find some in truly hardcore circles that will go up as high as 100mg per day, but to do so without complications is going to be tremendously difficult and as such we cannot recommend such a dosing.

Beyond the precise Dianabol dosage, you must also concern yourself with the time of use; how long you’re going to actually supplement with Dianabol. Four weeks is generally the recommended minimum, with six weeks being the recommended average, and eight weeks the absolute maximum. Most will never have a need to go past six weeks, and should only be attempted in very specific cases. At any rate, this is not an anabolic steroid we can supplement with for long periods of time, not like we can testosterone, and the reason is its strong hepatotoxic nature. Exceeding the time frame of use as laid out here will cause undue stress to your liver, and there’s simply no justification for such practices; after all, if it’s not safe supplementation it’s not successful supplementation.

This is it, this is all there is to a correct Dianabol dosage; as you can see, this really isn’t a complicated steroid, but it still demands your respect if you are to remain healthy. If you’re curious about a female dosing plan, we’re sorry to say we don’t have one, and that’s because females have absolutely no business using this steroid. The virilization rating of Dianabol is much too high, and there are simply better choices for any woman. As this is the case, each Dianabol dosage discussed today is for men, and only healthy adult men.