Real Dianabol

When it comes to anabolic androgenic steroids, everyone is always concerned with a ensuring they make a high quality purchase; after all, it’s no secret counterfeits abound. Beyond counterfeits, outright fakes and under-dosing is always a concern as is a contaminated product, but when it comes to real Dianabol there is some good news. This is an anabolic steroid that exists with more high quality amounts on the market more so than any oral steroid, and is at the top of the list as it pertains to any steroid; not to mention, real Dianabol is very cheap and affordable. You bet, while there’s a massive amount of high quality and affordable product on the market, as this is a highly desired steroid with massive demand there’s plenty of crap on the market too.

Under-Dosed but Real Dianabol

The number one problem you will find is under-dosing, and this is most common with large dosed tablets or capsules. There are labs who manufacture Dianabol tabs and capsules that are dosed as high as 50mg per tab; well, that’s what they’ll tell you, but if it’s half that much you’ll be lucky. Sure, this is still real Dianabol, but it’s not what you think it is in-regards to dosing, and that’s enough to tick anyone off. Let’s be clear, most accurately dosed Dbol is going to be found in a 5mg or 10mg tablet, and if it’s dosed any higher caution is advised. Sure, there are a few underground labs out there who may very well manufacture high quality high dosed tabs, but they are extremely few and far between.

Counterfeits & Real Dianabol you don’t Want


The next problem, although rare it does occur, and that’s a fake product. Methandrostenolone powder, the hormone that is Dianabol is dirt cheap, and it doesn’t cost much to manufacture this steroid, but there are still sleaze balls that will cut corners. Further, as this steroid is so cheap to make, there are many labs who will use raw Methandrostenolone powder to make all their oral anabolic steroids; they’ll just keep the dosing low and then slap whatever label they want on it. In this case, you’re still receiving a real anabolic steroid that will provide anabolic action; it’s simply not the steroid you ordered, and this can be devastating to woman who is trying to buy say Anavar.

The Bottom Line

While there is plenty of real Dianabol on the market, real Dianabol that is pure and accurately dosed, as with all anabolic steroids it’s still very important you research your supplier thoroughly. If you make a purchase from the first person offering, there’s a good chance you’ll be receiving an inferior product, and while it may be clean and real Dianabol it’s still not a good buy if it’s inferior. For this reason, we always suggest you stick with tried and trusted brands like Naposim and Anabol; do this and you’ll have real Dianabol almost every time. Absolutely, there are labs who will counterfeit these brands, Anabol, especially the 10mg tabs appear to be counterfeited the most often, but this all gets back to knowing your supplier. Research your supplier out on steroid message boards that allow such discussion, and there are plenty of places you can do this, and for no reason should you ever make a low quality purchase if you put in this effort; all you’ll have is real Dianabol and all the benefits that come with it.